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Linfield Honors Your Past: Transferring Credits, Prior Learning and Life Experience

Transferring Credits Made Easy

John Gallagher Associate Registrar

When a prospective student starts the process of returning to school, the idea of determining the requirements for you to graduate can sometimes become daunting. That’s why we recently sat down with John Gallagher, the Associate Registrar for the Adult Degree Program. Here he describes the step-by-step process of working toward your degree and how the Office of the Registrar is always there to guide you. John also discusses how Linfield can turn your past coursework and life experience into credits that count toward your degree. This is one of the most important aspects of controlling the cost of your education. After all, the more credits you can amass the quicker you will graduate.

Why Linfield?


Linfield College is a real place and we know our students are all across the nation, all around the globe. The reason to choose Linfield over some of these other online programs is we have a small staff that is very devoted to our students. We provide something that a lot of these larger corporation based educational systems cannot provide; that is a genuine degree at a small college.

Linfield’s Adult Degree Program: Designed for Your Success


[Starting College again] a lot of people are afraid, they’re concerned that it’s going to be really difficult to move from the inquiry stage, to actually applying, getting enrolled in our program, in class and graduated. It is not as hard as they think.

If someone feels hesitant after they’ve applied, we strongly encourage them, just don’t lose steam, don’t lose heart, you know it’s actually a fairly easy process and once those transcripts are in, we will make sure you get every credit that we can get for you, that is transferable to your program.

Prior College Work: Transferring Credits


Once someone’s applied, we get their transcripts, the official transcripts, from all their past college course work. Then our evaluator or myself, or both, go over all the transcripts that student has and we make sure that all of the credits we can transfer, are transferred in toward their degree program.

Prior Learning: Life Experience


Students have a number of ways that they can get credit for prior learning. It could be training on the job, that they’ve done formally through some program. We have a lot of military transcripts that come in through the American Council on Education, ACE, and we can transfer those in based upon an ACE recommendation.

We also have many students who have life experience that can be applied, whether at work or have a variety of experiences and they then can take a class writing a coursework portfolio and get credit that way.

After application you are part of the Linfield Community


We’re a team and the staff in the central office works very closely with the advisors and we make sure that every concern that the applicant has is addressed throughout the whole process, from the time that they apply to the time they’re admitted and then to the time they are enrolled, all the way up through the time they graduate.