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Requirements for the International Business Major

  • A student must complete the following required courses from Linfield or in approved transfer:

ECON 210 Principles of Economics
BUSN 260 Financial Accounting
BUSN 261 Managerial Accounting
BUSN 301 Management
BUSN 321 Marketing
BUSN 340 Business Law
BUSN 341 Financial Management
BUSN 495 Strategic Management (MWI)

Three of the following are also required:

BUSN 410 International Management
BUSN 426 International Marketing
BUSN 435 International Business Law
BUSN 443 International Finance
BUSN 480*Independent Study
BUSN 487* Internship
ECON 331 International Economics

*with instructor approval

  • 15 semester credits of upper division coursework at or above the level of BUSN 341 Financial Management must be from Linfield.
  • A student must complete the Business Department mathematics proficiency (MATH 160 or 162 Finite Math with Calculus) and the Statistics proficiency (MATH 140 Introduction to Statistics). These proficiencies may be met with approved transfer courses.
  • To enroll in courses BUSN 200-340, a student must have completed MATH 105 Intermediate Algebra or equivalent, or a course at or above MATH 140 Introduction to Statistics. To enroll in most courses BUSN 341 and above, a student must have completed MATH 160 or 162 and MATH 140.
  • Language: Foreign language proficiency through the first-year level (American Sign Language proficiency does not apply). College coursework taken to meet this requirement must be no more than 5 years old. This requirement is waived for students whose primary language is not English.
  • At least one upper-division course focused on history, culture, politics or religion relevant to the modern era in a country or region outside the United States: HIST 315, 320, 322, 361, 362, 364, 463; POLS 362; RELS/HIST 310; RELS 380; or other course taken domestically or abroad when approved in advance by the International Business coordinator.
  • Study Abroad: Successful completion of a study abroad experience of at least one semester in length approved in advance by the IB coordinator, preceded by either one semester of foreign language at the intermediate level (or higher) or TCCA 230, Intercultural Communication. The Business Department will work with students to arrange for a self-designed experience or course through another accredited institution.

Departmental Policy on Prerequisites

The Department presumes that students will have taken the applicable prerequisite(s) when registering for courses. Prerequisites will be waived when the Department Chair deems that a student’s background or other extenuating circumstances render the applicable prerequisite(s) unnecessary. This approval must be obtained prior to registration for class.

Meeting Course Requirements By Transfer Credits

Required courses such as Marketing, Management and Business Law can be satisfied by approved transfer courses. In instances where the content of a course is not clear from its title, you may be asked to provide additional information in the form of catalog description or syllabus.

Age Limit on Coursework

Courses used to meet the International Business language proficiency must be within five years.