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2013-14 Airport and Train Station Shuttle Times

The Shuttle Service has a $20 per student fee for a one-way trip. To reserve a place on one of the following shuttles, please fill out the form on the bottom of the page @ to sign up for a shuttle spot. You will receive an email in response confirming your reservation. The $20 fee will be placed on your student account after the shuttle service has been provided and you will be able to pay the fee at the Cashier's office. The shuttles will be signed up on a first come, first serve basis. The shuttles will go to the airport first, and then make a stop at the train station if there is a need.

This form is for one shuttle reservation. If you wish to reserve for additional times, please resubmit the form for each date.

*Bold items are required

*Where would you like to be picked up/dropped off?

End of the Year

Shuttles from McMinnville to Portland Airport:

May 28 10:00 am
May 29  10:00 am
May 30  10:00 am

Planning ahead for the 2014-2015 Academic year?  Find it here (Schedule Subject to Change)